About Us

The history of the company

750 m2

The company currently employs 500 people. The number of vehicles is 103 units.
SpetsDorProekt occupies about 750 square meters of office space, and 2000 square meters of production and storage area. A five-year contract for the installation of 200 photo and video recording systems was won and implemented.
The company enters the regional market and starts implementing ITS works in the city of Rybinsk.
The license of the monitoring system ""OKO"" is being sold to the city of Athens (Greece).

The engineers of the SpetsDorProject company service around the clock:

  1. 47,000traffic lights
  2. 3823vehicle detectors
  3. 3400TV cameras
  4. >3000traffic light objects
  5. 219photo and video recording systems
  6. 179IDBs
  7. 47weather stations
Actual address

125196, Moscow, 4th Lesnoy lane, 13

Legal address

115201, Moscow, 1st Kotlyakovsky lane, 3

Phone number
+7 495 225-50-87
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